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Chain of Communication

In its continued efforts to always provide the most efficient and effective communication methods available the Windber Area School District has developed a Chain of Communication Matrix to assist students, parents, and community members with identifying the most appropriate individual(s) to communicate with regarding various matters.


Please utilize the Windber Area School District Chain of Communication Matrix when seeking to communicate with a school district official or a student support resource regarding a specific topic.  The matrix is designed to assist in identifying the most appropriate person to begin communicating with on a matter within the school district.


The purpose of establishing a chain of communication is to provide efficient and effective response to parent, student, and community concerns.  To receive response in a manner that is both timely and supportive of your concern(s) it is critical to communicate in progression beginning with the 1st Level.


Thank you for your continued trust and support of the Windber Area School District!


Windber Pride....Experience It!

Richard E. Lucas, Acting Superintendent


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