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Suicide Awareness

Nationally, suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth ages 10 – 24. Windber Area School District hopes to raise awareness and prevent youth suicide through the coordination of educational training and programming that includes students and all school personnel.  WASD has also teamed up with R. E. A. C. H. Counseling (Assurance) to offer our students and staff an additional resource if they want to talk or have questions.    
Each September we remind our students to "BeThe1to."  
On Thursday, September 23rd we will have a schoolwide Suicide Awareness day to remind students of this important topic and the resources available to them if they should ever need help.   Throughout the week leading up to this day, our school news will play our "BeThe1to" videos and will tell the students about our Thursday Awareness Day.  Our theme for this year will be "Wear your heart on your sleeve and BeThe1to."  Each student will receive a new yellow card with the 5 steps to help a friend and a small Blue Heart Sticker.💙  We ask everyone to wear their heart sticker on their sleeve/shirt to show support for this special awareness day. 
For the Elementary School students, there will be blue heart stickers for the staff and students to wear on Thursday, Sept. 23rd to show they have a "Caring Heart."
This heart is for this year's Caring Heart Day.  We want to always remind them of the importance of being a good friend to all classmates. 
*Say Hello
*Be Kind
*Stay Safe
*Be Understanding
*Help a Friend
These 5 tips are just reminders of how they can be a great friend (focus on positive relationships).  These hearts are also an additional reminder of their PBIS rules.
We Care....We Are Here For You & Your Child! 
All You Need to Do is Reach Out!