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Windber AreaSchool District

Policies » Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

Windber Area School District

Social Media Guidelines

1. Student/Employee Interactions via social media shall be limited to “official” educational forums only. “Official forums” means electronic resources provided by the District and/or personal employee social media accounts that are created and used solely for educational purposes, and where a professional atmosphere is maintained at all times.

2. Employees shall avoid private 1:1 communication with students via social media or through chat features. Private one-to-one communication with a student shall be limited to electronic resources provided by the District such as e-mail or classroom management applications.

3. For personal social media accounts, employees shall set privacy settings to ensure a professional atmosphere is maintained between the employee and students and parents, and to limit the unnecessary disclosure of personal information.

4. Employees must be aware of their responsibilities to maintain confidentiality of the personally identifiable information of students, and shall refrain from disclosing any such confidential information through social media.

5. Employees are reminded that social media posts demonstrating insubordination, immorality, cruelty, unlawful discrimination, or other unlawful acts may result in disciplinary action.