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Rambler Madness

Rambler Madness
11/27/2019, 6:30 PM 8:00 PM
Windber Area High School Gymnasium

Rambler Madness is this Weds. Nov. 27 at 6:30 pm @ High School Gym.

If you can come and help, it will greatly appreciated. I am thinking I need about 10 people to make this event easy to manage. So if you can be there by 6 pm or before, that will help.

Thanks, Joe

Here is the agenda for Rambler Madness:

ORDER # Competition / Game
1. START AT 6:30 pm - Welcome to Rambler Madness / Blue vs. White Ticket Explanation
2. National Anthem by Harmony Jablon or the Pep Band, / (turn mic over to Jason Tyger).
3. Introduce the Varsity Cheerleaders (cheerleading Advisor introduces girls)
4. Girls do 1 cheer – Then Cheerleaders line up at the entrance for the Jr. High players (and all introductions) HAVE GIRLS SIT CLOSE TO THE BACK OF THE GYM.
5. Introduce the Boys Jr. High BB Team (JH coach introduces)
6. # Cone Layup Drill Relay Game - 10 Boys compete (5 Blue & 5 White)
7. Band plays first Pep Band type Music Selection. Set up game #8 while the Band Plays music.
8. # Dress like a Rambler Relay need 8 elementary kids – need 4 uniforms (2 white and 2 blue), 4 pair big shoes, and 2 basketballs. MEDALS FOR THESE KIDS
9. Introduce Varsity & JR. High Wrestling / Hockey players / Archery / Rifle Teams. Advisor or Jason will introduce.
10. # Simon Says - with. Wrestling / Hockey / Rifle / Archery Kids / RUN THIS TWICE. 2 winners go then head-to-head. (GIVE GIFT CERTIFICATE TO THE WINNER).
11. Introduce the Girls Jr. High BB Team (Glenn or Lori Seth introduces)
12. # Rambler Hot Shot Competition – Jr High Girls (coach selects players, 4 Blue & 4 White) RUN TWICE
13. Varsity Cheerleaders do 2nd Cheer.
14. Introduce the Girls Varsity BB Team (Cory introduces)
15. Girls Varsity Skill Drill (say 3 – 4 minutes) (Cory explains the drill while its being run )
16. Band plays 2nd Pep Band type Music Selection. Get ready for Low Shot and Golf Putt Competition.
17. # Low Shot Competition – 6 Varsity girls compete (coach selects players, 3 Blue & 3 White)
18. # Golf Putt Competition - (4 Coaches And 4 Adults from the crowd ) MID LENGTH PUTT THEN LONG PUTT. (GIVE GIFT CERTIFICATE TO THE WINNER).
19. Introduce the Boys Varsity BB Team (Steve introduces)
20. Boys Varsity Skill Drill (say 3-4 minutes) (Steve explains the drill while its being run )
21. # Musical Basketball Competition – 6 Varsity boys compete (coach selects players, 3 Blue & 3 White).
22. Do All Prize Giveaways while the Competition Cheerleaders set up the Mats
23. Introduce Competition Cheerleaders (Beth Gray introduces ) – then they do their routine.
24. Competition Cheerleaders do their routine.
25. END OF RAMBLER MADNESS – I would do WAABA Thank you’s.
26. Group Picture - everyone on the court for 1 Group Picture. IF POSSIBLE

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