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Windber Girls’ Tennis team wins against Indiana

Senior Riley Hanley competed first singles, and won both sets (6-3) (6-4). She had some great serves and had a great match.

Senior Kira Labosky played second singles and won both sets (6-2) (6-1). Kira had some great backhands. 

Senior Baylee Wojcik played third singles, and she won both sets (6-1) (6-1). She had great returns throughout the match. 

Senior Peyton Betcher and Junior Rebecca Wright played first doubles, but they lost both sets, (0-6) (0-6).

Junior Clair Telfer and Sophomore Jacklyn Bloom played second doubles, and they also lost both sets, (0-6) (0-6), which set the match score at 3-2. 

The Lady Ramblers next match is on Tuesday, September 10th, at 4:00pm against the Derry. The match is at the Windber Elementary School courts.