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Junior Forensics Competes in Final Meet


Eighth Grade student Saarah Bryant led the Ramblers with a 2nd place finish in the Drama category. Gracie Crum placed 4th in Prose while Cecilia Bean & Logan Lamb finished 6th in the Prose and Persuasive categories.

Saarah Bryant said, “It was nice to see how everyone had come so far since the first meet.”

Thank you to all who supported the team this year. Good luck to the seventh graders who will compete in junior high again next year, and to the eighth graders moving up to high school.

These are the finishes for this meet.

Eighth Grade:

Saarah Bryant- 2nd in Drama

Gracie Crum- 4th in Prose

Cecilia Bean- 6th in Prose

Veronica Crum- 7th in Informational


Seventh Grade:

Logan Lamb- 6th in Persuasive

Parker Flanagan- 7th in Poetry