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For the High School division-, Caleb Bean placed second in CAD Technology, and Taylor Wahl, Caroline McClain, and Morgan Weaver placed second place in Children’s Stories.
For the Middle School division, Hailey Dzurko placed second in PA Snapshot and first in Digital Photography. Anna Steinbeck and Shannon Tokarsky placed second in Biotechnology and Challenging Tech Issues. Lastly, Hailey Dzurko, Ariana Hill, and Layla Gray placed first in Community Service Video.
Caleb Bean:  2nd place CAD Architecture
Jacob Steinbeck:  3rd place Essays on Technology
Veta Piscitella & Nick Stasiak:  3rd place On Demand Video
Taylor Wahl, Caroline McClain, Morgan Weaver:  2nd place Children's Stories
Veta Piscitella, Baylee Wojcik, Nick Stasiak:  3rd place Digital Video Production
Hailey Dzurko:  2nd place PA - Snapshot
Libby Folmar:  3rd place Children's Stories
Hailey Dzurko:  1st place Digital Photography
Anna Steinbeck, Shannon Tokarsky:  2nd place Biotechnology
Mariah Andrews, Molly Birkhimer:  3rd place Community Service Video
Anna Steinbeck, Shannon Tokarsky:  2nd place Challenging Tech Issues
Hailey Dzurko, Ariana Hill, Layla Gray:  1st place Community Service Video
Congratulations to the following additional winners in the TSA Region 8 Competition. Results were updated after the competition and these winner were recently announced.
Jonah Oyler & Ethan Brady - 1st Electrical Applications
Jacob Hostetler and William MInahan - 2nd Electrical Applications