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At Windber Area School District, we are dedicated to fostering a learning environment that empowers every student to thrive. We understand that there are emotional and environmental barriers that can sometimes impede a student's ability to reach their full potential. That's where our School Social Workers step in. We have subcontracted with the IU8 to make a licensed social worker available to our families.  The social worker is in our schools 2x’s a week - Wednesdays and Thursdays unless otherwise noted.  These dedicated days allow us to provide focused support to the students and families within our district.

The Social Worker's Role as a Community Connector:

In the Windber Area School District, our Social Worker's primary mission is to act as community connectors for families in need. We understand that sometimes, the challenges students face go beyond the classroom. Our School Social Worker is trained to work within both the school and home environments, ensuring a holistic approach to support.

IU8 Contact: 
Kennedy Beistel 
Cellphone: 814-650-5686
Office:814-445-9734 extension 5316