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Referral Process

Objective: This process outlines the steps for staff to refer a student or family to the school's social worker, with an emphasis on ease of access and efficient support. It also specifies the approval procedure for the allocation of hours/services by each building principal.

Referral Options:

  1. Student Assistance Program (SAP) Referral: Any staff member who identifies a student in need of social work support can initiate a referral through the school's SAP team. SAP referrals often involve a collaborative approach to address a student's academic, emotional, or behavioral challenges. The SAP Team will contact the Principal and the administrator will complete the necessary paperwork process.  

  2. Direct Referral to the Social Worker: Staff members may also directly refer a student or family to the school's social worker by contacting their child's counselor. 

  3. Principals will use the online referral form (click here) to approval all requests. 

Process for Referring to the School's Social Worker:

  1. Identify Need: Staff members who recognize a student or family requiring social work support should gather relevant information about the situation, including any specific concerns or challenges.

  2. Choose Referral Method: Staff can choose to make a referral through SAP or directly to the school's counselor.

  3. Principal Approval: The building principal reviews the referral and, if necessary, schedules a meeting with the staff member to discuss the request further. The principal approves the allocation of hours/services based on the severity and urgency of the situation.

  4. Social Worker Assignment: Once the principal approves the request, the school's social worker will be assigned to the case.

  5. Contact with Family: The social worker will initiate contact with the student or family to assess their needs and develop an appropriate plan for support.

  6. Progress Monitoring: The social worker will work closely with the student and family, as well as collaborate with school staff when necessary, to monitor progress and provide ongoing assistance.

  7. Closure and Follow-up: The social worker will determine when the case can be considered closed, but follow-up may continue as needed to ensure sustained support and success.