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Board of Directors

The Windber Area School District Board of Directors consists of nine members who are elected from the community by region.  Board members are dedicated volunteers who are not compensated for attendance at meetings or other activities.
Board 2024   
Board Officers  
  • Board President:  Dr. David Decewicz
  • Vice-President:  Mrs. Antoinette Rummel
  • Treasurer:  Mr. Roger Birkhimer
  • Secretary:  Dr. Melissa Klingenberg (missing from photo)
Board Members
  • Mr. Mark Portante
  • Mrs. Amy Rummel
  • Mr. Ronald Walker
  • Mr. Mark Sotosky 
  • Mr. Jeffery Slatcoff, Sr.
Public Comments
The Board is interested in hearing the views of the public.  Time is provided at the beginning of the meeting for public comments.  Each person signing up for public comment is allowed up to five (5) minutes. Please review Board Policy #903 for additional information. 
In-Person Meetings
For in-person meetings, there will be a sign-up sheet for public comment located on the receptionist's desk in the outer office. You may also call the Board Secretary in advance to be added to the list of public comments. Please contact Pam Gyurik at 814-467-4567 ext. 801 or via email at [email protected] 

Committee Meetings


In addition to Work Sessions, there are times when certain issues brought before the Board necessitate a more focused and specialized approach to examination. To address such matters comprehensively, the Windber School District employs a committee framework, which plays a vital role in enhancing the efficacy of School Director Governance. Committees serve as dedicated forums for in-depth exploration and discussion of specific topics, allowing board members to bring their expertise and insights to bear on complex issues. 

These committees are designed to delve into the nuances of matters that require particular attention, such as academic and extracurricular programs, financial and operational concerns, and policy and personnel matters. By concentrating on these distinct areas, committees provide a more thorough understanding of the issues at hand, encouraging collaborative problem-solving, innovative thinking, and well-informed decision-making.

  • Academic and Extracurricular Committee Co-Chairs:  Dr. Klingenberg, Mr. Slatcoff, and Mr. Walker
  • Finance and Operations: Co-Chairs:  Mrs. A. Rummel and Mrs. T. Rummel
  • Policy and Personnel Co-Chairs:  Mr. Birkhimer and Mr. Sotosky

The committee structure in the Windber School District, including the Academic and Extracurricular, Finance and Operations, and Policy and Personnel committees, ensures that the diverse needs and challenges of the district can be adequately addressed. These committees help to streamline the decision-making process, promote transparency, and foster a greater connection between the Board and the community it serves. They are a valuable asset in School Director Governance, as they facilitate a more efficient, well-informed, and responsive approach to the many facets of educational administration.

Academic and Extracurricular Committee 

  • The Committee will review and make recommendations to the district’s educational programs with the administration to evaluate present and future educational programs that affect student achievement. The Committee will monitor the planning, development, implementation, evaluation, maintenance, and improvement of district curricula, in accordance with the Strategic Plan. 
  • Review and discuss all academic issues pertaining to the Windber Area School District, including but not limited to graduation requirements, teaching, curriculum, textbooks, all methods of instruction delivery, evaluation of teachers, teacher enhancement, student guidance, scheduling, grading, examinations, student discipline, evaluation of principals/assistant principals; attendance of all employees and students at conferences, tenure of teachers, academic use of technology, student and employee dress codes, limitations on student/teacher speech and expression, bullying, emergency procedures, criminal activity and police procedures, constitutional and civil rights of school constituents.
  • Review and discuss all extracurricular activities pertaining to the Windber Area School District, including but not limited to field trips, theatrical production, athletics, clubs and associations, band, student government, special programs, assemblies, and visiting speakers and performers.
  • Review and discuss all issues pertaining to the relationship between the school district and all relevant constituencies, including but not limited to: district parents/guardians, students, residents, teachers, principals, staff, administrators, borough and township councils, county commissioners, state representatives, local and state police, relevant media, Johnstown CTC, IU8, and parent organizations through meetings, workshops, newsletters, media articles, polls, research projects, surveys, and other effective venues - to develop information, ideas, concerns, advice, and proposals - for the purpose of involving the constituencies in a collaborative effort to work with the Board and district on finding the best ways to educate the children of the district in a safe environment and in a prudent, economical manner, to engage in marketing, promotion, and fundraising for WASD.

Finance and Operations Committee 

  • The Committee will review and make recommendations regarding the proposed annual budget prepared by the administration prior to the proposed budget being presented to the Board. The Committee will review and make recommendations regarding the operation, maintenance, supervision, and long-range planning of all buildings, grounds, and property owned by the district and the finances necessary to operate the District. 
  • Review and discuss all financial issues pertaining to the Indiana Area School District, including but not limited to the conduct of audits; preparation of the preliminary and final annual budget of the school district; have members on all negotiations teams and meet and discuss teams with district administrative/confidential secretaries, district administrators, teachers, staff, Superintendent, Business Manager, Board officers, and appointees, contracts pertaining to district employees, contracts with district vendors and other service providers and appointees, contracts with district consultants; make decisions pertaining to district financing and refinancing, and indebtedness.
  • Review and discuss all aspects of the physical structures utilized by the Windber Area School District, including but not limited to repairs, renovations, reconstruction, new construction design, use, aesthetics, internal environment, safety, cleanliness, and student/employee psychological, physical well-being within the physical structure’s environment, sale and purchase of physical structure(s), and all contracts pertaining to district physical structures.
  • Review and discuss all aspects of the grounds utilized by the Windber Area School District, including but not limited to the use, appearance, aesthetics, safety, design, maintenance, configuration, apparatus, sale and purchase of grounds, and all contracts pertaining to district grounds.
  • Review and discuss all aspects of the transportation needs of the Windber Area School District, including but not limited to student transportation to and from school, athletic events, field trips, and all other sanctioned purposes and events; transportation of employees of the school district while undertaking the business of the school district; transportation of School Board members while undertaking the business of the school district; lease, purchase, and repair of vehicles used in district transportation, and contracts pertaining to district transportation.

Policy and Personnel

  • Conduct an ongoing review of the policies and procedures of the WASD School Board; to propose changes to said policies and procedures when the committee deems it necessary to improve the operations and functions of the Board or the district.
  • Conduct an ongoing review of the administrative regulations of the WASD to support compliance with the policies and procedures of the WASD School Board and to direct the Superintendent to make changes when necessary.
  • Oversee personnel issues, which may include matters regarding hiring, transfer, discipline, suspension, and termination of district employees, appointees, and consultants.
  • Oversee negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, including contracts and/or agreements with Act 93 personnel and confidential employees, and other personnel contracts binding upon the district.
  • Perform a discovery and advisory role in grievance matters or formal complaints filed against the district by school district employees.