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Advanced Placement

Windber Area High School

COVID-19:  AP Exam Update and Information

April 20, 2020

AP Coordinator:  Richard E. Lucas ([email protected])


Dear AP Student;


I hope this letter finds both you and your family healthy and staying safe.  I am writing this letter to provide you with an update and information relating to the 2019-2020 AP Exams.  Please review the information provided below prior to the upcoming exam dates.  Additionally, accompanying this letter you will find an AP Exam schedule as adapted during the school closure, as well as, an invoice for payment of your AP Exam fees.


The 2019-2020 AP Exams are being administered online.  You will be able to take your AP Exam online on any device you have access to—computer, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll also have the option to write your responses by hand and submit a photo.  No AP Exams will be administered on the school campus.


Please refer to the following webpage for directions and support relative to the exam schedule and accessing your exam on test day:


You are already registered for the all exams for all AP courses that you are currently enrolled in and do not require any action to register.  However, please continue to check your email address assigned to your College Board account for further student specific direction information prior to your scheduled exam date(s) and time(s).


Please return the enclosed invoice in the provided postage paid envelope with a Check or Money Order made out to WINDBER AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT.  It is imperative that you return the invoice with your payment to ensure that the funds are associated to your exam fees.  CHECK or MONEY ORDER only – No Cash or Credit Cards.


If your family has found itself affected significantly by the economic results of COVID-19 response, as it relates to their employment status, please feel free to contact me via email or phone prior to May 7, 2020 to discuss potential options that you may have regarding financial supports.


Good Luck on your upcoming exam(s), I am confident that you will do outstanding!


If you have any questions or needs regarding your upcoming AP Exams, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or via phone at (814) 467-4567 ext. 810.


Stay Safe and Good Luck!




Richard E. Lucas

Director of Special Education and School Enhancement

Windber Area School District




Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Schedule




AP Exam



Physics C:  Mechanics


Physics C:  Electricity & Magnetism


US Government and Politics



Calculus AB

Calculus BC


Human Geography



English Literature and Composition





Physics 1:  Algebra Based



US History






English Language and Composition





All Exams are being provided online by CollegeBoard

***No Exams will be given on the school campus***


For further information please feel free to access the following link:


College Board AP Fee Reduction Pilot
Providing Exam Fee Relief to Middle-Income Students
***FAQ Sheet***
Q:  What is the  College Board AP Fee Reduction?
A:  College Board is offering the AP Fee as a means to determine if cost associated with these exams plays a factor in the participation in AP Exams of students not qualifying for a Standard AP Fee Reduction.
Q:  Who is eligible to be included in the AP Fee Reduction Pilot at Windber Area High School?
A:  All students in the school who are not eligible for the College Board's current Standard AP Fee Reduction (determined through economic eligibility).
Q:  What are the AP Exam Fees?
A:  Exam Fee:  $94 per AP Exam
Q:  What is the Standard AP Fee Reduction?  What is the AP Exam Fee with a Standard Reduction?
A:  The Standard AP Fee Reduction is $32 per exam with an additional $9 reduction of the school rebate.  The cost for an AP Exam with a Standard Reduction is $53 
Q:  What is the Fee Reduction if qualified under the AP Fee Reduction Pilot?  What is the AP Exam Fee with a Pilot Fee Reduction?
A:  The Pilot Fee Reduction provides for a $20 per exam reduction for all students not qualified under the Standard AP Fee Reduction.  The cost for an AP Exam with a Pilot Fee Reduction is $74 .
Q:  At Windber Area High School, which students take AP Exams?
A:  At Windber Area High School, it is a requirement that all students enrolled in AP courses must take the corresponding AP exam during the year of their enrollment within the course.
Q:  Who can answer any questions that I might have regarding AP Exam Fees, Fee Reductions, or my eligibility for the Standard or Pilot Fee Reduction for ?
A:  Mr. Lucas, WASD Director of Student Services & AP Coordinator
     Mrs. Spangler, High School Guidance Counselor